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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My system breaks down

OK, it isn't much of a system. Basically I bought a new bookcase and put my V-dvds on it. Films are in alphabetical order, LOCI is a bit more problematical. Bought ones go first, then a mixture of home-produced and "first sight" which were sent to me by Eliza when episodes first aired in the US. As I recorded most episodes 3 or 4 times (just to be safe) that's where the system has flaws. These dvds take up a lot of shelf space. Apparently so much that there was no room for all (two) of Season 9.

So where did I put them? My friend was finally here to see Part 1 yesterday, and I could not find it.

I appear to have a download on my computer, but it has the end missing.

How in earth could I have arrived at this disgraceful set of circumstances? I am ashamed! I wish I were as organised as Diane.

If anyone has a complete download still on Megaupload that I can snaffle, I would be forever grateful.


potzina said...

Don't be ashamed, nobody can be as organised as Diane! ;o)

JoJo said...

Do you have any non-Vincent DVDs that you can retire to storage to make room for your VDO collex?

Eliza said...

Sent you an email :-)

I have dvd boxes that will hold 6 discs but only take the space of one dvd on the shelf..I found that helps with organising things. I also have soft dvd cases that hold 24 discs, which is useful for mixed collections. I keep my VDO collection a lot more neat than anything else in the house

val said...

I do, JoJo, but they are already just flung in a cupboard!

Eliza, I'll write back to you.

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