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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cruise to Where?

Nowhere? Anywhere? Who cares!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Val, and remembrance for Lou during this trying time, good on you!

JoJo said...

Great caps! Poor Lou. I can't believe someone would beat him up so badly. I continue to hope for a speedy recovery!! I wonder if Vincent has visited or gotten in touch w/ Lou since the beating incident?!

SnarkAngel said...

I feel so badly for Lou Taylor Pucci. He's such a talented actor. I WOULD, however, VERY MUCH like to see his attacker's face if Vincent ever got a hold of the S.O.B. who attacked Lou.

Eliza said...

One of my favourite ever episodes, largely due to the chemistry between Vincent and Lou :-)

I saw the news about Lou on Yahoo..such a stupid mindless thing to do to someone..wishing him a very quick recovery

potzina said...

I didn't know something happened to Lou. I'm sorry to learn he was assaulted. We live in a wild world. :-(

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