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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eggstremely painful

On Sunday, little Poppy was a bit lethargic. She spent a lot of time lying around rather than digging and feeding. I was concerned - she hadn't laid an egg, and I was afraid she was egg-bound.

I read up on what to do, and discovered I should smear KY jelly or liquid paraffin round her vent, then gently squeeze her stomach till the egg started to appear. (No KY in the house, who needs it with Vincent to dream about, but luckily I use liquid paraffin regularly for my old boy Shelley to, well, lubricate his bowels. Sorry.)

I was ready to perform surgery on Monday morning, or else whisk her off to the vet's. Instead, I was greeted with the reason why she'd had such problems laying the day before:

Poor little love, she isn't a big hen. No wonder chickens cluck a lot when they are laying! I bet this one is another double yolk.


Eliza said...

Oooh..poor Poppy. That made my eyes water so god knows what it did to hers :-)

judith said...

That would take some getting out!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's a big egg...makes me think of my mother who was in labor with me for 24 hours after my being 3 weeks late and packing on some more pounds...8 lbs 14 oz. You must be feeding her really well to produce such nice eggs!

JoJo said...

Yowch!!! Poor Poppy!!! She must be so glad to have that egg out!

ann said...

oh my word - that's a big 'un!!!!
i'm with eliza, makes my eyes water and reminds me of the joys of childbirth

Ruby said...

Ooooochhh! Now I know why I never gave birth! Poor little Poppy! And bless you, Val, for helping her! I'm sure she's grateful to her "Mum"!

SnarkAngel said...

Just glad to know your beloved Poppy is okay! XOXO

fuzzytweetie said...


potzina said...

Poor girl, we don't epidural chickens!

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