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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cute? Coy? Cuddly?

All those and more.

Contemptuous too!


JoJo said...

All of the above! I love it when he's coy, and he's always cute and cuddly!

jazzy said...

the Cuddly one Can Come to my Cozy Cottage to Calculate the Circumference of his C***

(For the record, by C*** I meant Cute nose).

Eliza said...

I love the last picture, where he's all cuddled up with the scarf round his neck :-)

potzina said...

Oh, Jazz, i think about his "Cute nose" too! It's very strange!

ann said...


SnarkAngel said...

Let's not forget ... charasmatic!

jazzy said...

verrrry strange, potzina, indeed :)

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