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Monday, May 17, 2010

What's in a name?

I am already thinking about names for my new girls, even before I've met them.

I have a few favourites: Clara, Rosie, Poppy, Ruby, Lulu are a few of those I've considered. A batch of three that somehow go well together for whatever reason, are memorable, and catchy, escapes me, however.

Any ideas?

This is a contented rescued hen from
the British Hens Welfare Trust
in ecstacy having a dusbath.


JoJo said...

What?!!! Not naming the new hens with female versions of your fave Vincent characters?!! Bobbi? Sammi? Chola? Charli? You get the idea. ;p

Eliza said...

As the only thing I can think of right now is 'Milly Molly Mandy' I think jojo's idea is better :-)

jazzy said...

Whenever I get a pet I choose a name that fits its character.

Anonymous said...

That's an adorable photo! So you've decided to do it? Good for you! That coop is beautiful; hope it isn't much trouble for you to put together. I'm sentimental to the name "Lulu" because of one of my favorite movies, "To Sir With Love"...when she sings that song I cry without fail. I also LOVE the name "Poppy." I can only think of an old boss of mine who had triplet girls and named them: Anastasia, Angelina and Adrianna.

Tess said...

Holly, Polly and Molly?!

Anonymous said...

How about Lola Lulu and Lucy?
or Poppy, Lily and Daisy?

SnarkAngel said...

I'd name them after the Andrews Sisters: Laverne, Patty, and Maxene.
Don't ask me why. Not sure I have a reason.

Anonymous said...

Adrianna is's Alexandria.

val said...

I like your choices, Beverly, but unfortunately we have a Lili in the family, so that might not go down too well. Perhaps Poppy, Daisy and Rosie.

potzina said...

My mother's name is Daisy! She's a little chicken, too! Good choice, Val! Hahaha! I'll tell her that a chicken has her name! She will be happy!! OMG! I can't stop to laugh :D

Kimberly said...

Wre usually wait a the critter and then see hwat fits. Although, I dreamed I was out on our deck called our last doxies pup, when we hadn't even brought her home yet. And, the hubs named the new Corgi pup...Corky. Seems to fit her, she is a real corker!
Also wanted to tell you...I love your blog posts...the zoo stuff, the birds...very entertaining...oh, and the Vince stuff is great too!

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