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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Give Us A Break!

It's been a manic two days - it would have been quieter and easier to be at work!

Yesterday I had a hospital appointment about my shoulder injury (when I had an argument with a pavement last October - the physio hasn't worked). The doctor was late, and the first patient took an age. Meanwhile, I was sitting in an airless corridor on a boiling hot day thinking I would die of thirst.

The doctor gave me two cortisone injections in the shoulder to see if it would sort out my rotator cuff (no luck so far). Then I went to a DIY store to look for "storage ideas" for my chicken supplies. I came home with three heavy-duty plastic containers.

Back home I made a valliant attempt to sort out my patio and make room for the chicken coop. I emptied a few pots (on to the garden, no waste here) but I wanted to actually get rid of as many pots as I could, which meant lumping them into the front garden for people to help themselves to. As they are made of concrete this was not an easy task. Some I just can't lift any more.

Today I woke up at 5am for no good reason, and as I couldn't get back to sleep, I was up soon after 6am. I went to the garden centre to fill up with chicken supplies. Not having enough work to do putting together the coop, I bought a potting bench, with the idea that if I put my new containers on it, I could keep the chicken feed where I can reach it without bending down all the time. I have to kill myself to save a few crouches. Great!

Next it was off to do my weekend shopping and feed the ducks. Lunch was short and sweet in a department store cafe where I am a regular, and so always have a welcome from the staff.

The 10-15 minutes assembly time for the coop was about 2 hours (though to be fair I did have a couple of lengthy phone calls as well - they gave me an excuse for a welcome rest) and the instructions were - er - instructive. For a non-language speaker. ANY language.

There was also a whole chunk missing about putting in the middle section, so the newly tightened screws got untightened a couple of times. I think the ladder was supposed to be fixed under the threshhold, but not being a two-foot contortionist, I couldn't manage that, so the fixings are on top.

Tomorrow it would be nice to relax, but I managed to leave some stuff at the garden centre checkout, so I have to get washed and properly dressed (not my usual slobby Sunday behaviour) and go and collect them. Then I have to clear some more room and erect the potting bench.

Why did I want to get chickens again?


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Val. I hope the "little cluckers" are worth it. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

sixtwosue said...

I doubt Martha Stewart went through all of this to create her backyard coop. In that part of my state, that stuff is left to The Help.

fuzzytweetie said...

LOL, Sorry to laugh but, some day you'll find humor in this.

Good luck on the shoulder. I've had both rotator cuffs operated on. No fun. Sadly, not much could be done. We all manage to survive!

SnarkAngel said...

At least you know nothing is wrong with your energy level, Val!

Anonymous said...

I just love your stories, Val, always so interesting. Reminds me of my Mom growing up on a farm and her stories about the chickens. My Pap-pap's farm holds the best memories for me...his tomatoes were the best I ever tasted and we'd all take our salt shakers out to the field on a warm summer day to pick and eat them. It's funny you mentioned about getting up early, that just happened to me the other morning as I woke up at 5:30 for no apparent reason too. Take care of your shoulder!

JoJo said...

It'll be worth it when you are all done though, and the new chickens are happily ensconced in your patio.

Sorry about your shoulder though. I have a torn rotator cuff and it hurts all the time.

Eliza said...

Early mornings are normal for me..I try to make the best of them, which usually means putting the computer on and looking for the days blog pics.

I'm sure, once you have the hens installed, EVERYTHING will have been worth it :-)

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