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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a shock!

I was sitting here in my garden in the uncustomary silence of a warm spring Sunday afternoon, when - horror of horrors - the sound of an engine in the sky assailed my ears!

Bloody helicopter.

I'd bet money on its being a police one. Somehow the engine didn't have the same sense of urgency in its throb as the air ambulance has....

Thanks for the information about Eric Moody, the BA volcano-pilot's website, Diane. Sadly, the world and its ninety-seven million cousins has tried to have a look, and it's exceeded its bandwidth!


ann said...

i heard an airplane yesterday morning, but guessed it was from our local airfield

as idyllic as the peace may be, the repercussions will be horrendous

JoJo said...

Yeah this is really messed up. The active volcanoes and big earthquakes are scaring me.

bobbybegood1 said...

The airplanes flying around here where I live, when they pas, feel like a freaking steam-engine locomotive. I hate it. What is with all these damn planes flying anyway? They seem to be flying overhead during certain times. Interfers with me t.v. watching. I just hope that with all this flying, the government is protecting the damn country.

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