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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sound Bodies

How loud can you howl for this one?


Eliza said...

I know Connie smacked Bobby, but I still think he was a good actor..I even liked seeing him in the other episode.

Btw,if I howled as loud as I would like to I wouldn't have any windows left :-)

ann said...

i have an affinity with a wolf, an out and out predator - he howls I follow his call...

wonder if it would work with bobby if we howl loud enough - would he heed our call

ann said...

so busy thinking of howls and wolves i forgot to say this was a brilliant episode and the caps are magical and you've captured him in all his glory - i love him in that suit

jazzy said...

I'm howling ... Can you hear me?

SnarkAngel said...

What can I say ... if it was ME (in Connie's place), I'd have JUMPED him instead of slapping him. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The 6th cap down, you trying to kill me or something? You always capture the best expressions and there's that blue shirt that could melt butter. Just an amazing job you do, and I know it's a lot of work, so thank you!

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