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Friday, November 27, 2009


Going through my alphabetical list of episodes last night, I found that somehow my system for alphabetising them had a few holes in it. (I obviously need the Good Doctor to help me.)

Here are the episodes I should have posted in their turn, but didn't:

Folie a Deux

Let's not forget the continuity of the locks and beard disappearing then reappearing,
only to disappear again!

Then there's that very handy episode, See Me:


ann said...

oh that hair you see it and hair you don't business was very naughty

as for the other epi, not one of my fab fav's - actually i really didn't like the storyline one itsy bitsy bit; lucky the leading man compensated

Eliza said...

Both incredibly sad storylines, but very well handled (imho) by the writers. I'm actually going to miss the shaggy grew on me almost as fast as it grew on Bobby :-)

SnarkAngel said...

Nice to compare: the slimmer, clean-shaven Bobby or the beefy, bearded Bobby. Oh Lordy! I can't pick! I want them both!

bd fan said...

We need to see more on Vincent looking in the camera and smiling that sexy smile. Vincent has some sexy hands and I too like him cleaned shaved, well cleaned shaved or with a beard Vincent is still a FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tess said...

Have to say while I LOVE all of Vincent's looks. But the older he gets...The sexier he looks :)

Nantz said...

Well, you know I'm loving these caps, third from the bottom with splayed hands did me in.

Diane said...

I think the lack of continity in Season 8 was a symptom of the fact that USA no longer gave a f**k about the G/E episodes - which made it DOUBLY annoying!!

JoJo said...

Me loves his digits!!!

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