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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Proud Flesh

Such a weird episode. I mean, do rich people with a power complex really kill off their own sons?

Some great performances though.


Anonymous said...

The second cap is a killer, puffing out his chest, nice...and, for once, the tie bar is straight, LOL.

ann said...

he was something else wasn't he???

i know i luv him whatever, but i have to 'fess when he wears his hair that way i go even funnier inside - dunno why i just do

SnarkAngel said...

Yes, Nantz! That second cap IS a killer! With that blue shirt stretched tightly across that yummy torso, I'd say there's plenty of "Proud Flesh," indeed!!!

judith said...

odd ep. but great pics. val.x

Eliza said...

I have no idea if people really would do this stuff, and I doubt(thankfully) I will ever be in the position to find out.

I love the last cap, where he's all bundled up in that coat with his badge on display :-)

BASRIC said...

Those people eat their young. Beautiful selection

Lovely subject of caps.--Bobby Goren.

JoJo said...

Poor Vincent...having to make due with these bad scripts.

Anonymous said...

Snark, that blue shirt could kill me dead.

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