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Sunday, November 01, 2009


Back when they wrote episodes well, this was a great show for Bobbyisms.

Quick, let's handcuff him to the fence then take turns to ravish him.

Chest hair alert!


judith said...

GREAT PICS. as always and it's great being able to save them and drool over them at my leisure or should I say PLEASURE!! Blog much,much quicker at loading. Thanks for sorting it out.x

ann said...

i couldn't open blogger at all yesterday

i had to stop myself from doing 'round and round the garden' on the palm of his hand, although i do like the thought of 'tickle him under there' LOL

great collection of caps, thanks val

Anonymous said...

Great job as per usual. This was also back in the day of the blue shirt that seems made for only him to wear. I never had a problem with your pages loading, however, now it seems they are noticably quicker to load. Thanx for the up close hand pic!

bd fan said...

Great Pic Of Robert, I love Roberts dance and the song he sings. I think its a real song. Robert has some Sexy hands arms and legs. Oh and a cute butt. I love Roberts dotted white shirtm very SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music Wench said...

Tying him to a that's an idea. That or playing doctor with him would be good. ;-)

SnarkAngel said...

"Paging Doctor Goren. Doctor Goren to the fifth floor broom closet, stat! Doctor Goren to the fifth floor broom closet for an immediate examination."

Eliza said...

That glimpse of chest hair has set me up for the day..thank you :-)

jazzy said...

Handcuff, fence, ravish, Bobby... sounds like a good plan. Count me in!

Tess said...

Oh...The Bobby Happy Dance!

JoJo said...

Loved how Goren & Eames posed as "Dr. Stern and Dr. Borman". That cracked me up.

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