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Sunday, August 09, 2009


I really welcomed the episode where Ross could no longer complain about Bobby's conduct, given the dubiousness of his own.

I love the neck and the hair, but I'm a bit concerned that Vincent seems to be turning into
a Vulcan - his right ear looks all pointy.

His left one is fine, though, So are his hair, neck, nose...

You look at me like that, I jump you, baby.


PurpleVixen7 said...

I find pointy eras very sexy..Vulcan have veryyy sexy ears..I know Vincent ears are little bit squshed and pointy at the top,and love them like that..find it very sexy..a perfect combination of earth and alien blend of ears in man,just the way I like it!!;)))

Eliza said...

I echo your sentiments on the bottom pic....mmmmmm

SnarkAngel said...

Jump him!?!? Okay, maybe! But I'd prefer a tackle! (Or he could tackle me, of course!)

fuzzytweetie said...

Jump, tackle, trip.....whatever will get him "down" so I can play!

Frances said...

I prefer a huddle and maybe a little groping.

jazzy said...

"Groping" that word was new to me by now. But yeah, would like to DO it with Bobby.

Anonymous said...

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