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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still Not All In

Thanks to the wonderful Eliza, I have All In, and I've watched it, but to cap it I need my good old Cyberlink PowerDVD 7. I'm on my new pink computer, so I have to download everything anew. I have an email from when I upgraded telling me I could access the download any time I needed.

It has no link to the download site. They are now on Version 9. I don't want their newfangled version, I like the older one. So now I have to wait for them to answer my query.

This is better than McAfee, though, who sent me an email in May confirming payment for my renewal, but my account says I've been 68 days unprotected through lack of renewal.

At least Sky finally helped me fix my connection. They were supposed to phone back within 72 hours, which of course they did not. The person I got when I phoned today said that her predecessor had been following the wrong list of actions. As a result, the techies tested the line and found it not wanting, and cancelled my callback. Nice. Efficient. I need some Bobby.

And if anyone's wondering where my banner has gone - I have no idea.


ann said...


1) your banner is there

2) my computer defaulted to McAfee for one month free, then I disabled it and use AVG which is absolutely free for a home computer

Eliza said...

I can see your banner too :-)

I have Norton 360..because I always have had Norton, and I got a good deal on it from Amazon..covers 3 computers for £30 for the year. Avast and AVG are both good free ones though.

Now for the important ever I love the pics you used in the video, and the music is just you..wouldn't be a video by Val without a classic :-)

Tess said...

See, this is weird. For months I couldn't see your banner...Now I can.

fuzzytweetie said...

Ain't computers grand!! LOL

bd fan said...

great video. still gtry to find a store that sells law and order c.i. seasons. Does anyone know? Thanks

SnarkAngel said...

I, too, see your banner. AVG is what a hired computer techie downloaded to the computer I used at my last job. Used it for months without a problem. Norton works well, but renewing/downloading can be a pain. In fact, I am getting a few dollars for my trouble with them via a class-action lawsuit.

And Bobby looks great in H through O!

jazzy said...

Go for AVG, it's the best software so far (IMO); all experts use it, and it's for free.
I got C.LinkPowerDVD 9 for much money, just to found out that the version is nothing but crap.

jazzy said...

Of course it should be read "find out". Blame it on Bobby, I can't type when he is on my mind!

Anonymous said...

Dear Val, this is the UK, you should know we have absolutely NO concept of 'customer service'. Good luck!!!

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