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Friday, July 25, 2008

Suck on this, Photobucket!

Still unable to do PB slideshows because "the issue has been filed and escalated to the Development Team so it can be investigated and resolved. Unfortunately there is not an estimated time frame for when this will happen." - ie. "we don't have a clue what's wrong so we've passed the buck. Don't expect an answer anytime soon." So Windows Movie Maker and Photobucket to the rescue, and here is a mix that will melt the eyes and ears.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

So, I wonder does "Vincent" ever stop in here?? You should invite the fella for an interview and a layout.

Music Wench said...

Well that was quite enjoyable and much appreciated for all the trouble you've been having. Glad I didn't sign up for a paid account with Photobucket. If I did and they gave me that much trouble I'd be whining all over the internet, in my newspaper and they'd probably cancel my account! LOL

JanetOOO said...

Thank you Val. Love this song ........ This
episode .... And of course playful Vincent.
But that goes without saying ...... At least
where my husband can hear it ..... Though
he has benefited greatly from my
obsession :)

SnarkAngel said...

Thanks for this lovely slideshow, Val. It really perked "up" my afternoon . . . which needed MUCH perking up.

BASRIC said...

Having a few down minutes here at work, and having just changed my blood-covered scrubs along with two other nurses, and a resident. Lost the patient. Car versus tree, tree always wins when you don't wear a seat belt.

Your video show and song fills my heart and makes images in my weary brain switch from reality to fantasy. Still have ten hours to go. So glad you're there.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Windows Movie Maker gives my PC a seizure to the point I can only turn it off at the box everytime I try and use it, so well done you! Lovely slideshow, but then it's of Vincent, so it could be no other.

Tess said...

Lovely slideshow Val. I'm sorry photobucket is being such a pain :(

fenwayspal said...

love it!!
and you met your objective; i've melted into a puddle!

Eliza said...

After what feels like a very very long day,your video has made me feel awake again,thank you...and by awake I mean alert enough to daydream :-D

JoJo said...

Oh Basric....that's just awful.

Fab show Val!

silly for Vincent said...

That Phototbucket,s**t!!!
Great slideshow-sexy fuzzy teddy bear Vincent!!!

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