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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Notable Performance

Thanks to the wonderful Eliza, I have watched (and capped) our latest Bobby offering. Oh the ever-expressive Mr D'Onofrio had a lot of feelings to express in this one, some of it, for once lately, in smiles.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to BobbyG for sending me the TV Guide issue with our lovely man featured in it. Suddenly Tuesday is my favourite day of the week. Mauigirl also offered her services, which was much appreciated. We feel the love, Vixens.


Tess said...

It was a Wonderful episode. I was surprised at the amount of force he used when he slammed Marla (was that her name?) into the wall!

pacatam said...

Great episode and thanks for the incredible pics! I wondered too at first at how hard he grabbed her but his statement the others had kids too explained it to me.
If anyone minds copying that article in TV guide I'd love to have a copy!!!!!!

SnarkAngel said...

Ohhhhhhh . . . to be in Marla's shoes when she was slammed against that wall! LOL! Yes, this eppy was a welcomed "break" from the Goren and Goren/Eames angst. But I know the angst isn't over yet. I think Warren Leight promised as much concerning this season's finale episode.

JoJo said...

Bobby looked soooo good. Better than he has in 2 seasons!!!!!

BobbyG said...

It was my pleasure, Val. You've been great with helping me get started capping, etc. It was good to be able to do something for you in return for a change.

And, pacatam, I bought extra TV Guides in case you want the "actual" magazine for your very own. If you're interested, you can email me privately through my blog, and I'll send you one.

Music Wench said...

BobbyG is wonderful for all the things she does from sending TV Guides to you outside the states and for people like me who love seeing Eames and Ross caps as much as we love Goren.

Lovely caps! That smile was another reason to love this episode. I miss my Bobby smiles.

jazzy said...

i really hope i can repay the "Vincent-Debt" to BobbyG and eliza.

finally an old-fashioned epi!!
sooo many great camera angles, bobby smiled, eames too, a lot of funny, smart and thrilling moments. more of those please!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Damn, he's fine. Canada is way behind on these episodes ... and they keep switching the nights they're on. Frustrating! Thanks for these!

Drowsey Monkey said...

Val!! Did you hear this news ... that Chris Noth is leaving CI and Jeff Goldblum is taking his place? huh? I'm not happy. I didn't have a problem when they had to share the show, because I liked the Mike Logan character ... but Jef Goldblum? Oh no ... I fear for the life of the show now.

I'm done ranting ... on your blog, LOL.

silly for Vincnet said...

It seems it gonna be a great epi.!!Bobby has aa smile..finally!!That crazy woman desirved Bobby to use that force against her!!!Bobby can slam against the wall anytime,I would mind at all..purrrrrrr!!

JoJo said...

Drowsey Monkey - I don't care much for the choice of Jeff Goldblum either. His show where he played a cop got canceled after 7 episodes, last year.

Regina Caschetto said...

Dear Val-
Great caps as always-
Just loved when he waved that guy off-
Yes it was nice to see the Bobby of old-
And I will say it a million times, Vincent has the most expressive eyes ever-

Eliza said...

You're always more than welcome,Val!

I loved this episode so's probably going to be high on my list of favourites from this season.Have to say I'm glad competition for pre-schools isn't bad round here though LOL

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