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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Life is Wild at Heart

A couple of years ago a programme appeared on TV called Wild at Heart. It was about a British vet who moved his children and stepfamily to South Africa where he and the new wife had bought a rundown wildlife park to restore.

Imagine my surprise to see the almost identical story today on Hallmark, this time with an American family, and called Life is Wild. I couldn't find the pictures to support it, but I'm pretty sure they even used the same house.

The biggest difference is that the South African accents are extremely mild, and some are almost English. The owner of the neighbouring reserve is actually English, and if it follows the original UK storyline, he will turn out to be a baddy, whereas the UK version has the baddy owner as an American.

Never mind, the wildlife is beautiful.


JoJo said...

So it's a drama w/ actors or a reality show with a real family? I don't think I have heard of it.

SnarkAngel said...

Americans are always copying the British. And putting their own "spin" on it. LOL

Claire said...

That's so true snarkangel!
We haven't seen it here yet though.

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