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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lucky Dip

I shut my eyes and clicked, and up came this old Picasa collage, which used to be the most technical thing I could do with pictures.


SnarkAngel said...

I love the one of him standing toe-to-toe with the fly boy. Ohhhhhhhh......that lucky fly boy. And the one with the dog. The dog looks just like my neighbor's Pappillon dog (Hilde), who sadly, was recently killed when it ran out in front of an oncoming car.

JoJo said...

Awesome! it's nice to revisit the old classic collages you made!

Tess said...

Sorry about 'Hilde':(

Tuxedo Hill was just on a few nights ago...I love this episode.

jazzy said...

okay, now i cry about a dog i haven't even known. oh my, you guys are too much.

aaaw bobby and little doggie

silly for Vincent said...

The doggy is simply too much adorable!!But I would rather take Bobby,him I want to eat alive!!!;)):)Thammm...that man is even taller than that plane!!!The plane looks so tiner,when Bobby is inside!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was that man in the plane - I'd still be stuck to Vincent's front tho!

Anonymous said...

I love that puppy! I wanted to give both of them (Vincent and the dog) a big hug.

Eliza said...

It's always nice to look at early stuff and see how much you've learnt isn't it?? 'Tuxedo Hill' wasn't one of my favourite episodes but I did love how Bobby was with the little girl..and how he got the bugger in the end!!

val said...

Not a favourite episode, but that scene in the plane, reminding me how very BIG he is is a favourite scene.

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