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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Betrayal or Betrayed?

There seems to be a change to the advertised title of Sunday's episode.

And we should care beacuse?

It's Vincent, for goodness' sake. And here he is in all his glory:

I love the face he pulls when he's talking to Ross's old flame. I also think his hair is looking terrific. I love the standy-up curls.


Anonymous said...

I want the job as 'official VDO hair ruffler' ;0) He's looking fabulous, and I adore when he wrinkles his cute little nose.

Tess said...

I just call this episode...*WOOF* :)

JoJo said...

Oh yeah, he looked good in this one for sure.

jazzy said...

an extra pay check for that costume supervisor, please!

BobbyG said...

Some places call it Betrayed, some call it Betrayal, I just call it Bobby Love. Good episode.

Eliza said...

I started off with it as 'Betrayed',but then I looked at the usa website and they had it as 'Betrayal'..I had to rename my caps,but thankfully before I uploaded them all :-)

I know some people prefer him all spruced up but scruff works for me!!!!

silly for Vincent said...

Silver curls,black t-shirt and tall,dark and handsome sexy teddy bear-I love it!!

Lozzie Cap said...

Am I allowed to use a profanity..?

Because he looked so F-ing HOT in this episode that my bazungas simply stood to attention. My husband was greatly surprised.

Sorry if that is too much information.

mauigirl said...

V looks ab delicious in this ep, and Tess, I think you're on to something by re-naming the eps, this one is definitely "WOOF".

Lozzie, no prob with the info, I'm guessing we all had to change our knickers when this ep was over.

Music Wench said...

Love the curls but wish he'd lose the beard. I hate it when he hides that gorgeous face under all that hair!

aprilspring said...

Scruff or not. He is still sexy to me. I perfer no beard too, but he was so hot Sunday night.

SnarkAngel said...

Yes Val, I love the standy-up curls. But then, my guess is that anything that "stands up" on Vincent is most delectable. I think my fave cap is number 7 ... those eyes!!! But of course, they're all fabulous!

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