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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lesson in Chinese

Bobby at his most delicious tells it like it is.

If they changed the camera angle, the Vixens would get quite a treat.

Who wants to flatten that little curl? Form a queue, ladies.

I live a hand to mouth existence.

It's so long I can sling it over my shoulder.

Maybe I could find Val a gift here.

Wow, there she is at the window. Gotta have her.

This is how you write "I love Val" in Chinese.

But does she love me back? (Silly question!)

She does? Great news!

I'm practising making magic with my left hand.

I wonder if I can do it with my right hand, too?

Now I'll try with both hands.

Did you enjoy that, Val?

How about if I use these full and luscious lips to kiss you?

Eames, do you think anyone will notice where I'm pointing with my thumb?

I have to raise my knee to hide my stiify.

Hey, Val, what are you doing down there?

You have to get out from under the table now and let me do my work.

Stop it, it tickles.

If I stay in this corner, maybe no-one will notice my groin.

Two fingers are better than one.

And a bit of tongue is best of all.

I'm going to do my mean and moody look.

Do my biceps look big in this?


beatlelady said...

I love the captions! Do them all the time!

This is one of my favorite episodes because of the scene at the end where he's playing with the toys and the ancient artifact (I was terrified he was going to break it) like a little kid. Makes me laugh every time.

judith said...

loved your comments.
that one about raiseing his knee had me in stitches!!
FORGIVE ME for this but the one where he is pointing his thumb reminds me of "frank spencer" of "some mothers" many times he will do a "frank spencer" pose. sorry. i'll go and beat myself with a stick!!!

SnarkAngel said...

As usual, wonderful caps, but the CAPTIONS make them extra special! And no, I don't wanna flatten that curl ... I just wanna blow on it ... and a few other things, as well...

jazzy said...

wonderful story, val! but your chinese translation was not correct - in real it says:
"jazzy first"

love the epi, thanks for posting :)

ann said...

ROTFLMHO... you rock Val

JoJo said...

My aren't we saucy today Val!!

Great captions!

Tess said...

But we don't want him to hide his groin! Wonderful post Val :)

Drowsey Monkey said...'re captions are too much. You got it bad, girl!

LOL @ the thumb comment. Only you would think that!!!

fenwayspal said...

hilarious, ambidextrious bobby...every girls' dream!

Eliza said...

Like Snarkangel said,the caps are good but the captions are better!!

I have a grin almost as big as Bobby's now and it's only 8am :-D

silly for Vincent said...

You Val crack me up always,when you tey to be funny about Vincent!!
Curl...the curls...mmmmmm...and YEA,that man can use both hands very well!!!;))That man can never hide his "anaconda",it is*cougth,cougth*simply too huge!!Those plumped lips...rrrmmm!!!Yea,Vincent we adoreeeeee you biceps!!!

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