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Monday, May 19, 2008

Fresh and Fruity

Fico di Capo, freshly capped and hot off the press.

Fig or Vincent - which would you prefer to suck?


judith said...

good pictures, love the where he's wearing the shades.
picture 84 looks like he's in the background also. who ever it is looks a lot like him.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn gray squares are back and covering the first two pictures so I can't see them! My computer hates me.

As for the others...whoo hoo!

Eliza said...

Fig or you even have to ask!!!!

this is yet another one of my favourite episodes,so Thank You :-)

Thank you to blogger too for finally letting me comment on your blog,been a very frustrating weekend :-(

SnarkAngel said...

There's noooooooooo way a damned fig can "measure up" to the man!

JoJo said...

How about I just suck Vincent's fig?

BobbyG said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Jojo.

Regina Caschetto said...

Dear Val-
Just caught your video of Vincent to the song Chains-first of all, since I grew up with the Beatles, I don't even remember them doing Chains, so this was a real treat-also, being in the U.S., I am going to have to check my DVD of The Cell because I don't think we get all of the shots of Carl in his chains as you do-
Great job altogether-
I do not have the skill that you do with computers but may I suggest a song for your next video-have you ever seen the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys with Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges and Michelle Pfeiffer-the song she sings to audition for them, More Than You Know, is just the perfect song for a tribute to Vincent-give it a try if you can and thanks for all your great work on your blog-

Lozzie Cap said...

Io, io voglio mangiare Vincenzo D'Onofrio. Per piacere.

fenwayspal said...

ummmm, what do you think????

great caps, val

jazzy said...

well lozzie, "buon appetito!"
but don't forget: the sweet dessert is mine!

Music Wench said...

Lovely caps! I made an attempt to cap an episode. I suck at it, so I am so grateful to all of you who do such a marvelous job!

Goddessdster said...

I second music wench!
Except I don't bother even trying to cap episodes.
I just appreciate all of you who do.
(apologies if this posts twice - blogger is being, ahem...difficult)

ann said...

Vincent can suck my fig anytime

Anonymous said...

I'd very much like to suck Vincent's fig....

val said...

Regina, I have this problem - I stopped listening to rock music when The Beatles broke up. I don't have any other songs but 60s ones, and I don't download. So I can't do the slideshow you request - unless you can email the music to me. I have a spare "fake" email address that I sometimes publish for getting in touch with people without risking troll infestation on my real address. It's

If you can get me the music I will do the honours.

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