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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Mighty Thor and More

Who wouldn't want to be rescued by this god?

 photo Thor34.jpg

I was surprised the other day to discover that my neighbours have put out a bird feeder. Just the one. No competition for my multiple and various feeders. But interestingly they have attracted an exotic non-native, the ring-neck parakeet.

As one of my foxes trotted towards me the other day, I decided to take a photo. He stopped in his tracks as he spotted me. This is not a still photo, it is a photo of a still fox.

I retreated for a minute, and when I returned he was outside the door waiting for supper.


JoJo said...

Do you feed him?

val said...

You bet. And his (or possibly her) partner. And the different foxes that visit the front garden - though I don’t see them at the moment, so it could just be the neighbour’s very fat cat helping himself!

judith said...

Hi, hope you are well and happy Val.....Have a lovely Christmas...Judith..xx

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