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Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Wedding

A few weeks ago I went to a country house hotel for a family wedding. The venue was Eastwell Manor.

It looks like a Jacobean manor house (ie. from the time of James I in the early 17th century) but in fact it is a fake from 1926. You'd think, under those circumstances, there's be no excuse for such poor disabled access, but you'd be wrong. Their lift has been out of order for over a year. They say they can't replace it because of conservation restrictions. One of my cousins is very dodgy on her pins, but had to negotiate a long staircase to use the toilet. But it was great to catch up with cousins:

 photo DSC00859_zpsag1cslod.jpg

 photo DSC00861_zpssumi8ogx.jpg

 photo DSC00875_zps8qmrswqe.jpg

 photo DSC00881_zpslfcwbckg.jpg

Including the bride's mother:

 photo DSC00876_zpssrlfp3i7.jpg

As well as the bride's brother and his partner (now his fiancee!)

 photo DSC00877_zpslkaaevpj.jpg

And the beautiful bride and her groom:

 photo DSC00867_zpsmyh7ikan.jpg

And an amazing dress:

 photo DSC00869_zpssbomw95n.jpg

Not forgetting the cake:

 photo DSC00882_zpszojk3416.jpg

The bride's father was my cousin, but did not live to see his daughter marry. He died  seven years ago of asbestos-related lung cancer.

He would have been so proud.


JoJo said...

How beautiful! But I looked at those stairs and wondered how difficult it would be to negotiate them! I'm surprised they aren't compelled to make it accessible to the disabled.

val said...

We have something called "listing" - Grade 1 and you can't change anything, Grade 2 and you have to get permission to change things inside, still can't change the outside. It may be listed, it certainly would be if it really was 17th century. But if there's an existing lift, surely they could get it repaired or replaced? Add to that you had to get your shoes soaked to leave the main quad because of the heavy rain on poorly maintained paving, and you won't be getting me there again!

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