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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Following his outing to the other side of the block the week before last, Macavity decided to go AWOL again during the last week.

This time I was ready for him! I put the basket in the car and drove round to roughly where I found him last time. I got out and started walking back along the route. I soon heard a repeated mewing behind me. I turned and found my errant kittie strolling towards me, answering my call with his.

Stuffed hurriedly into his basket he continued to miaow all the thankfully short drive back home.


judith said...

Is this one going to be a 'wanderer?'

val said...

Jury's out. If he builds up the courage to come past Twiglet I think we'll be OK.

judith said...

I'm sure he will do in time.. They might have a big fight first though....

JoJo said...

Silly kitty!

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