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Sunday, March 01, 2015

All Kitties Great and Small

I was pretty torn over the two cats that needed a home, especially as a friend told me next day that some mutual friends were going to send one of their cats to a shelter. They'd taken it on when the mother of one died a couple of years ago, and it hadn't settled with their cats.

Well, Iris and Millie had another person interested in them, so I decided to adopt the boy who was about to have his life thrown into upheaval for the second time in his nearly 13 years. I collected him yesterday.

I will gradually be changing his name...Mackie, then Mac, short for Macavity.

He is very placid and friendly. Twiglet is not convinced though. But there have been no fisticuffs.

Meanwhile, I have been back to see the tigers, and while dad was showing off his "hunting" skills (pouncing on and eating an already dead piece of meat...) cub left the safety of his mother's side to try and hunt a squirrel high up on the netting roof of the enclosure, far above his head. Sadly, he couldn't find a tree high enough to climb and reach the pesky little rodent.


JoJo said...

YAY! Glad you adopted Mackie!!!!! He's so cute! Are the tigers allowed to hunt and kill squirrels or other rodents that get into the enclosure?

val said...

Who's going to stop them, JoJo?

JaeJae has killed a magpie before now that was cheeky enough to keep nicking his treats. That's one skill that won't get passed on...

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