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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Falling in love again

I took my new car on a trip to Howlett's animal park the other day, and found a new animal to love. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't still love the tigers, like this spectacular Siberian:

 photo DSC00189_zpsb5c9380a.jpg

Then there's the pair of snuggly ocelots:

 photo DSC00176_zps583c49c3.jpg

There are several different groups of clouded leopards:

 photo DSC00175_zps2f52aa36.jpg

 photo DSC00177_zpsd3f9e40b.jpg

The Pallas cat had been fed, but he felt it was worth looking out for more:

 photo DSC00185_zps8fc9cbbe.jpg

And then there was my new love - the male giant anteater. He just kept posing. Only the glass and reflections stopped these being the most adorable - and explicit - pictures ever. If men had tongues that long and could lick their genitals, they'd never stop!

 photo DSC00198_zps5d74d1f5.jpg

And what a blanket that tail makes:

 photo DSC00193_zps3323b311.jpg What a star.


JoJo said...

Silly anteater!!!! So cute! the cats are impressive too.

Music Wench said...

I absolutely love them all!!! :-)

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