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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Between the raindrops

On Friday I took my friend to Port Lympne. The weather was supposed to be changeable, and on the way down we were rained on plentifully by a cruel nature. But our time there was mercifully dry.

It used to be called a wild animal park, but now they are calling it a "reserve". Many of the animals are running free in extensive acres of grounds, and you have to take a safari bus to see them.

But some creatures are still in enclosures. There is the Scottish wild cat:

There's the Bengal tiger trying in vain to hook through the wire a piece of leg left over from a feed:

Then there's the fossa. His missus was missing - there were 6 cameras on the inside enclosure where she has 4 cubs, but not a whisker visible in any of them!


JoJo said...

I've never heard of a fossa before! There's a cool wildlife reserve in Eatonville, WA called Northwest Trek where most of the animals roam freely and you take a tram through that area. It's pretty neat.

val said...

They're from Madagascar, JoJo, and hence highly endangered. And pretty-well one-offs.

Music Wench said...

Such beautiful creatures. I've never heard of a fossa before either. Thanks for sharing that!

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