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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Litter and Wildlife

Looks like this didn't post last week.

Sadly, the fox cub hasn't been seen since last Sunday, and despite having a cage trap in my garden for days, I have to assume I won't be rescuing him. He must have died.

Anyway, below is the story you would have read a week ago, when I still hoped for a positive outcome:

People are so unthinking when they drop litter. Anyone with half a brain knows that, apart from looking terrible, it harms the environment and can endanger wildlife.

Last night I had a very sad experience of this. There was a fox cub in my garden with its head wedged in a plastic container. I couldn't get near.

I called the Fox Project and someone was with me in about 45 minutes. But even he couldn't get close enough to catch the little critter. The plastic wasn't completely opaque, and at least the cub can breathe. what it can't do is eat or feed, so unless it manages to dislodge the impediment, or someone manages to get close enough to help it, the little life will be lost in appalling circumstances.

I've leafleted the immediate area and hope others' eyes may be enough to get help to our precious charge.

 photo DSC00106_zpsec55b7c1.jpg


JoJo said...

The litter is disgusting around here too. I routinely see it on my walks and I carry it out with me. I will never understand that mentality of just tossing stuff on the ground and walking away. I was walking on the Canal recently and came upon 2 coffee cups abandoned on the side of the path. I took them back out with me to the parking lot, a mile away. And sadly the wildlife suffers for it.

judith said...

That is so sad....

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