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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lady's Man

I can't believe they now use this man as the DA in SVU. He has creepy eyes, and cannot act his way out of them. Sorry, he's perp material, not the stuff good guys are made of.

Unlike our beloved.

 photo LadysMan340.jpg


JoJo said...

I can't remember what the guy looks like from this profile. LOSVU has changed so much now that Elliot and Munch are gone. I miss them.

judith said...

Are man pretending to be drunk so he could get information...

Eliza said...

Bad me, I didn't even realise it was the same person...I'm guessing I didn't pay much attention to him in LOCI

val said...

Eliza, he was the tranny lawyer Eames dated after Joe's death. Those mad eyes just do not fit with an upright DA.

Claire said...

Well, when it comes to acting we are pretty spoiled now aren't we? ;-)

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