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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Death of a Hero

I cannot let the death of Nelson Mandela pass without comment. His inspirational life should be something we all wish to emulate in our own small way, though few of us would have his courage and perseverance. Given the state of the world we could certainly do with his help right now. I wish I believed in an afterlife where his spirit still exists.

I spent many years boycotting South African produce in the supermarket and signing petitions outside South Africa House. It all seems so small now.


JoJo said...

I have had mixed feelings about his passing. I was a supporter in the 80s and I saw him speak in Oakland in 1990. But over the past few years, black on white violence has gotten worse in South Africa and the ANC appears to look the other way because it's retribution for apartheid. That Mr. Mandela was unwilling or unable to truly unite the races disappoints me.

judith said...

That's interesting JoJo..Will the colour thing ever be sorted I wonder...

val said...

Without his Truth and Reconciliation Commission South Africa would have been a bloodbath of retribution. He spent much of his presidency ( which was only 5 years after all) trying to spread the word worldwide, and relying on others to see his vision for his country carried through. Sadly some of those who followed hm may not have seen things through. Even his successor says bad stuff about Zuma.

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Claire said...

Where there is light there is shadow ...

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