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Sunday, November 03, 2013

A promise is a promise

I 've been trying to get my friend Julie to the zoo for ages, but her work schedule is very difficult.

We were in two minds about the date we set when we heard about the tiger cub, but Julie hadn't seen the new adult tigers, so we decided to go along on Halloween so she could see them.

I must say that their stewardship of the animals continues to worry and astonish me. Both were in the half of the enclosure where the pool is where the cub died. There seemed to me to be no reason why they shouldn't have free access to both halves. What's more, they usually only keep them together with keepers looking on in case of aggression. None were in sight.

Jae Jae had of course hogged the covered area where there is a heater. Melati was out in the cold and wet grasses.

Later, she took a chance and was warily lying near Jae Jae in the heated area. She didn't look very relaxed, and when she decided to try and move closer to the overhead heater she did so very cautiously.

 photo DSC03113_zps1879d46a.jpg

 photo DSC03115_zpscf12fc77.jpg

 photo DSC03116_zps1ec9c849.jpg


judith said...

Not good that at the Zoo...

JoJo said...

Beautiful cats but it sounds like the zoo is in need of an overhaul....or to be closed.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure about the whole 'zoo' thing to be honest....

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