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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Halifax - the bank from hell

Some of you will remember how, back in May and June, my bank allowed fraudsters to take large sums of money from my account. They lied about what they could do to prevent the second incursion, something they could suddenly do when the second attempt was made.

Well, they've topped that.

Knowing my debit card was due to expire on September 30th, I kept on top of the arrival of the replacement card, especially knowing I was due for surgery. Sadly, this has led to all kinds of incompetence and rudeness, to the extent that even the person supposed to be handling my one written complaint (there have been lots of phone ones) has become subject to a complaint. Yes, that's you, Fallon Naylor.

And still I have no card, so cannot pay bills in the shops or online, nor access my cash through a machine.

The public paid money to save this bank from financial ruin. Apparently it wasn't worth the effort.


Eliza said...

That sucks..I'm not a fan of any of the financial institutions, but I will admit Natwest send cards out quickly and in plenty of time before the old ones expire

JoJo said...

That's too bad Val. I hope your new card comes soon. You might want to change banks!

Sandy said...

Sorry about this Val. You certainly don't need this stress right now.

judith said...

Sorry about this Val I hope you get it sorted and soon....

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