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Sunday, September 08, 2013


I feel a need for neck-nuzzling.

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JoJo said...

And this was the episode when I threw up my hands and said I was so done w/ LOCI.....I've only seen bits and pieces of subsequent episodes.

Sandy said...

May I ask why you disliked this so much?

val said...

I think the feeling was it was a torture too far.

Diane said...

I actually thought C.I. should have ended at this point. All the threads from the previous couple of seasons were done with this episode. It felt like a natural place to stop; and clearly the powers that be felt so too 'cause they let all the original writers go after this - which explained the horrors of S8/9, and to a certain degree, 10.

Tess said...

I agree. It should have ended with Frame. But I'll always be grateful for season 10 and for Vincent caring enough to come back :)

Eliza said...

I feel a need to rub his chin :)

I'm typing this in the hope it will post..I've been trying to leave comments on my own blog for days with nothing did today so I'm hopeful..Blogger support is less than useless, btw

sell said...

I really enjoyed the episode. Respect the opinions of those who think CI should have stopped here, but seriously ... Bobby was tortured all these seasons, just to end like this? Nothing like that. Season 10 was very welcome and perfect, and served to purge the whole nightmare that the writers did our boy go. For me, the longing for my character speaks louder than coherence and produce more IC, I continue to watch. What can I do?

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