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Thursday, August 01, 2013

We won

For now.

The plans to downgrade the A&E and maternity services at Lewisham Hospital, my local, by the Health Secretary, have been declared illegal in a judicial review at the High Court. Locals were not consulted, including the GPs that now hold the purse strings, thanks to a decision by the government that appears to have backfired on them.


Of course, this crappy government, which wasted £6 million on the initial consultation (which wasn't even about this hospital) is going to appeal, thus wasting even more money. Our money.

And if they lose the appeal? They will spit out their dummies and change the law to make it legal for their puppets to do whatever the fuck they decided they wanted done anyway, thus making consultation a charade and a farce.

Typical of bullies to change the rules if they don't win. But they have to learn to take it, especially when they have no mandate from the electorate for any of this creeping dismantling of our beloved NHS.


JoJo said...

It's amazing how the govt. really doesn't have their constituent's best interests in mind and how much they waste money.

Eliza said...

I'm glad you got a stay of execution at least..

If the government put as much money in to the NHS as they spend trying to ruin it we'd be able to afford all the treatments they refuse to supply now..makes no sense at all

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the last Government's obsession with PPP was it, has left two hospitals near me effectively bankrupt - and Tess has to pay over $600 a month for her healthcare, so I STILL think we should be damn grateful for what we've got, however imperfect it is (and I work in it, so I'm well aware it has LOTS of shortcomings)

judith said...

I agree with Diane. Though this government are now busy trying to keep a ring once owned by Jane Austin from leaving the Country. It was bought fair and square by an American at auction. Madness, they sell off our water,electric,gas.. you name it it's been sold and they want to a ring!!! I say again. MADNESS...

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