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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blowing Hot and Cold

I seem to have been in full hot flush for 10 years. For most of that time, I've assumed that meant my body temperature must be higher than normal.

A while ago, though, I reached a more logical explanation: the world feels hot to me because my body temperature is LOWER than usual.

Yesterday at my pre-op assessment my temperature came in at 36 degrees, which is below the bottom end of the normal human temperature range.

So now I know why I'm always hot, but there's still nothing I can do to keep cool!


JoJo said...

You and me both Val. My normal temperature is about 97.8, and it's supposed to be 98.6. I'm always hot too, and I can't stand the summer weather here. We used to have thermostat wars in my office b/c I was sweating to death while everyone else was wearing layers w/ the temp cranked to 73 and using space heaters. I started wearing shorts to work which surprised lawyers and coworkers and I said too bad, you keep the office to hot, I'm sick & sweating every damn day, turn it down or I wear shorts, deal with it.

Diane said...

I feel your pain; my personal thermostat can go haywire any time, any place, anywhere and it feels like it's been doing this since I emerged from the womb, but it's really only since I reached that 'Interesting' stage of a woman's life. I can spend whole nights throwing off the quilt 'cause I'm too hot, then I'm too cold, then I'm too hot, then......

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