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Friday, August 30, 2013

4 X 4 X 3

Before and after pix (clothed!) will follow, when I feel less shit. Suffice it to say it took four surgeons four hours to remove 3 kilos of tissue. Lots of anaesthetic poison to get out of my system.

Fantastic treatment. Just got called in for wound check on Monday, they are obviously concerned about the amount of stuff they removed. Really couldn't have been looked after better.

When you consider staff were doing 13 hour shifts, makes you wonder how they cope.


JoJo said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better!!! Not sure what a kilo is, but when I had it done, they took over 5 lbs off my chest. Of course I've gained weight in the last 20 years since I had it done so my C cup has expanded to E. lol

judith said...

Good to read you're on the mend Val.
Take it easy and rest. xx

val said...

3.3 lbs per boob, folks.

Eliza said...

Thank You for the weight in pounds, I was thinking in terms of bags of sugar..I don't think both of mine together weight that much :)

I'm so glad you are home!!

Sandy said...

Glad you are thru the worst of it. Take care and be a good patient!

Sandy said...

Glad you are thru the worst of it. Take care and be a good patient!

Diane said...

Glad to hear it went well, feel better soon!

Tess said...

I bet you feel much 'lighter' Val! Rest and take care of yourself :)

Leigh said...

Hope you're feeling well. I was shocked but happy after seeing mine so much smaller for the first time (went from sqeezing into DD, to barely filling out a C), which I now love. Hubby's not so sure!
I had an infection in the scar under each breast for the first 6 weeks, and had to go back weekly, as well as twice daily dressing changes.
3.5 years later, you can barely see the scars, and I often go without a bra at home. It was fantastic to get out of the straight jacket, after wearing it day and night for six weeks. Good luck in your recovery, you look great :-)

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