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Friday, June 21, 2013


What did the tiger...

 photo DSC03031_zps461bebc4.jpg

...say to the okapi...

 photo DSC03054_zps7a9eebaf.jpg

...about the tufted ducks?

 photo DSC03045_zps74a4f0ee.jpg

Nothing, silly. They're in completely different parts of the zoo! But the ducklings managed to find a piece of sacking the gorillas had thrown into the pond and use it as a temporary island to rest on.

JaeJae was in full display-my-bits mode.

 photo DSC03037_zps15a516b0.jpg

Melati was up a fake tree again.

 photo DSC03042_zpsb4897175.jpg

The new okapi baby wouldn't leave its mum's side.

 photo DSC03050_zps32e2e2ac.jpg

But the tufted ducklings did their habitual disappearing act under the water, while mum watched without concern. Tufties dive for so long, and travel such distances underwater, that you keep thinking they must have drowned!

Meanwhile a famous face was seen around the zoo. I was too proud to take a photo of that face, just snapping a rear view:

 photo DSC03043_zps96a2bb2b.jpg

For those not good at identifying people from the back (and probably most of my non-British readers) here's a googled photo:

Yes, folks, it was Charles Dance.


JoJo said...

I was looking at Jae Jae's big paw!!! Those little ducklings are adorable! And love the okapi baby too.

judith said...

I love Charles Dance....

Eliza said...

The ducklings made me 'squee' embarassingly... :)

With Charles Dance being in 'Game Of Thrones' I'm sure he has an international following...even my son knows who he is.. I think the first thing I saw him in was 'First Born' which was a weird show, but memorable

val said...

Ah! I was remembering that programme as "Chimaera".

Strangely, of the two zoo volunteers who saw him, the older said, " That looks like Charles Dance" (me: that's because it is Charles Dance) and the younger had to look him up on her phone!

I hated him in Rebecca, Jeremy Brett was the definitive, and it was weird that his Girl was played by Emilia Fox, the very pretty daughter of Brett's suitably plain one.

Tess said...

I Love the ducklings :)

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