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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reality Check Needed

Every other crime show has a devilish bank robbery as its major crime, often with hostage situations in there with the robbery.

Is there really that much bank robbery going on in the US? 'Cos I can't remember that last time there was one in the UK.

Have we made it so difficult the crooks no longer even try? And if we have, maybe our friends across the Pond should have a look at what we're doing right for once!


Steve G. said...

Speaking as someone in New England, so maybe we just take after y'all anyway, but no, there aren't really that many bank robberies here. Convenience stores and their ilk are more convenient (ha, get it?) targets.

The biggest "theft" target is usually shoplifting from Walmart and grocery stores, and the usual items targeted are things that can be pawned or sold in housing projects - baby formula and diapers, sadly, are the usual targets, to the point that most stores now have them locked up as opposed to just on a shelf to be taken.

However, one of my favorite movies of the past 10 years, The Town, is set in a suburb of Boston and all about bank robberies. It's directed by Ben Affleck and even better than Argo.

JoJo said...

There were a few here and there out west but not that many. It's way too hard to get away with it, esp. when they put dye packs in the bags.

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