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Friday, May 10, 2013

Kill The Irishman

Horror of horrors! I don't have the pictures from this film on Photobucket!

We'll have to be satisfied with this production photo of John Nardi.

 photo prodstill-4.jpg


judith said...


Sandy said...

Always love to see the whole image of his lovely body!

sixtwosue said...

Yikes, he looks good.

Eliza said...

I actually liked this film, which I hadn't expected, Gangster films aren't really my thing :)

Vincent's character seemed like one of the nicer ones, but that could have been me projecting

Leigh said...

Another great movie, and for once it was one my hubby would watch with me, as he loves gangster movies. He concedes Vincent is an awesome actor, he has just had a gutful of me talking about him, so rarely watches his movies unless they are really good, such as this one, FMJ and Chained.

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