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Friday, April 26, 2013


There was this wonderful comedy programme years ago called The Young Ones, which had some completely disparate student types sharing a house.

The long-haired hippie Neil, played by Nigel Planer, was supposed to be preparing the meal one day. He emptied the kitchen bin on the table, and when one of the others asked him what it was, he said, "Leftovers".

Well, the genius that is Richard Benyon MP, a Tory politician who likes us all to be "in it together" (as long as they and their rich friends are excused) has been giving advice to those in food poverty. Obviously as a rich twat he must be an expert on this subject.

He said the poor waste too much food. They should eat their leftovers. And cheese lasts a lot longer if you wrap it properly before putting it back in the fridge.

Well, thank you for that. I assume that those on benefits will now be receiving clingfilm with their benefits, as they could not afford to buy that and the cheese to wrap in it. Actually, don't bother, they probably can't afford the cheese either.

As for leftovers, the poor would probably be better off if Mr Benyon and his rich friends donated their leftovers (preferably without putting them in the bin first then retrieving them).

I tweeted Mr Benyon this morning asking him for his potato peelings, carrot scrapings, onion skin and gristle stir fry recipe, but so far he hasn't replied.

This surprises me, because I ran out of characters in my tweet after getting as far as "patronising c"

No prizes for guesing what the "c" was for.

Meanwhile I'm off to get my leftovers out of the bin. I suppose I have to wash them before eating them. I don't think the cat litter they share the bag with has much goodness in it.


JoJo said...

Unbelievable the way the rich trash the poor isnt' it? Makes me sick. The price of groceries is outrageous. I remember when peanut butter, and ground beef, was considered 'poor people's food' but it's extremely expensive. All the staple items are expensive. Milk, cheese, bread.

BTW, I LOVED 'the Young Ones'.

val said...

I had no idea it travelled to the US, let alone travelled well!

JoJo said...

It was shown on MTV starting in about 1983 or so, and stayed in their rotation for years. I bought the DVDs not too long ago.

Eliza said...

I really would like these people to try living on JSA, which is what most people in poverty are recieving..if they're lucky..

This morning, my fridge contains Sainsburys low-fat spread (it was on offer) and a few I get my child benefit so I will go shopping with £20..this lasts 5 of us until Tuesday..we don't have leftovers, they go in the freezer for another day

I'm lucky I think that my boys work, but then the council want me to pay my rent and council tax rather than giving us any housing benefit...that takes care of their money so food, bills and anything else comes out of JSA. When Laura finishes college we will lose CTC & CB too, so that will be another £75 a week we can do without...most of these people get more than that a day!

End of rant...and apologies :)

val said...

Eliza, they get more than that a minute. Greedy bastards.

Sandy said...

Sorry that you have such "tough times", Eliza. Seems like it just gets harder to make it no matter where you are, My husaband and I are both on Social Security and he still works driving a milk truck. But we have four generations living with us. My daughter had a good job, but her daughter will be going to college and I have to stay home and take care of my mom. She will be 88 next month, she has been here for 14 years now. Thank God, we do have a very nice home, once paid for, but now is mortgaged to the hilt. Well, we just have to keep plugging away I guess.

Sandy said...

That should have read, My daughter has a good job.

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