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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Evil Personified

I don't know if news of our latest native-born monsters has reached foreign shores. Here they are:

Michael "Mick" Philpott and his wife Mairead had six of his seventeen children living with them in a three bedroom house. His mistress, who had also shared the house with them along with the five children she had borne him, had left, and he wanted the children back.

He obviously thought he needed something big to help him along, as he was already facing a road rage charge, and he cooked up the idea of seting fire to the house and heroically rescuing the kids, blaming the fire on the mistress. He was helped by his wife and his best friend.

The fire got out of hand and the six children died.

The couple did the requisite crying on camera in an appeal for witnesses to come forward. But the police were not fooled, and this week the evil man and his wicked puppets were sent to jail for manslaughter. Sadly not murder, as there was no intent to kill.

Now I understand why man-slaughter can also be read as mans-laughter. In 15 years this monster may again see the light of day.

Unless some Good Samaritan regular murderer bumps him off in prison...


judith said...

They both should be hung...
Both parents had no thought what so ever for their children.
Had they have got away with it they would have gone on to have more..paid for by us the tax-payer.
I too hope some 'well meaning' prisoner does him and her in..

JoJo said...

I did see this on one of our news sites yesterday and I was really stunned at the depravity. In what universe does anyone think, 'hey I know what let's do...'????

Anonymous said...

Since I live 10 miles from Derby, this low-life scumbag breeding machine was already (in)famous locally, even before this. Lock 'em all up and throw away the key please. Makes me ashamed to be part of the same species!!

Leigh said...

We heard about this in Australia, and we horrified, so sad and tragic for the children.

vikeau said...

This is the first time I'm hearing of this. Roast in hell.

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