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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jaspa's 19th

Today is my pretty Jaspa cat's 19th birthday.

She got her name because I wanted to call her "sister" (who died just after Christmas) Amber. And I thought she was a he. So she started out as Jasper, even through her vaccinations, till the vet had to newter her, and got a surprise. As did I.

Apart from a couple of wasp stings when she was a kitten, and a dental or two, Jaspa has been the model of health. She is very slightly built, she's not fond of cuddles, but is mellowing into snugglabilty with me and one or two of the other cats.

I think of Jaspa as a relative of the aliens UFO lovers call "Greys, because she has a tiny face with great big eyes. Not much room for brains, I guess, but LOTS of beauty.


Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Jaspa!!

Heskey, at 11, is still a baby compared to Jaspa, hope she's still going strong at 19 :)

JoJo said...

Such a pretty girl!!! Happy 19th birthday!!

Tess said...

OH! Happy Birthday Jaspa! She looks like my Timmy :)

sixtwosue said...

What an awesome kitty! Love the gender confusion story, and those eyes!

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