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Monday, February 25, 2013


Deliciously devilish.


miss lee said...

Awesome pic of Professor Moriarity. I finally have the DVD.

JoJo said...


judith said...

Is'nt he just.....

Anonymous said...

Shame about the movie tho'!

Eliza said...

What Di said!

I watch it for Moriarty..and I have watched it more than once too..I actually like Richard E Grant a bit so it's not a hardship, I just block out that it's supposed to be a Sherlock film

Tess said...

He was the only good thing in that movie!

Anonymous said...


I just stumbled upon this blog (I was doing a search for something) and while I've always thought you were a fine actor, what is really exciting to me is that apparently you are a miniatures collector!

Are you still collecting? Any photos?

imo, world's most fun hobby in the entire world plus the very nicest people are involved as both creators and buyers.

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