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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fire With Fire 7

Nasty and jubilant.

I think we need a study of whether the tats are on his skin or a fake skin has been applied. Can't see any chest hair.


Eliza said...

I have to confess I only watched this to cap it..not a type of film I'm particularly fond of.

I hadn't thought about the tattoos before..will have to examine the picture much more closely :)

Anonymous said...

If they shaved his chest - and now he's shaved his head - I may have to throw myself out the window....!

Leigh said...

I just assumed they shaved his chest. I thought he played a really powerful character in the movie, which luckily my hubby and teenage boys loved too, so we have seen more than once. I have to admit though, the sight of the swastika tattoo, and white power tattoo was really disturbing, as I find him so attractive, yet those tattoos are so inherently evil. It was really hard to find him physically attractive in this movie, although I appreciated his acting.

Leigh said...

Sorry, white pride, not white power.

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