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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playing to your strengths

As most visitors to this blog will most likely have realised, I don't cook. I'm not very good and I find it really boring.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to find yesterday that the teacher I was covering yesterday was the Food Technology teacher, and there was cooking as the cover work.

The school is one I know of old, though it has gone through many changes, and is due some more at Easter. The students used to be really difficult, but in my more recent visits there current cohort are much more amenable. Thank goodness.

The first class was to bake Anzac biscuits (so named because they originate in Australia and New Zealand. They are made from flour, rolled oats, golden syrup, butter and baking soda.

Sadly, the cut-outs spread on the baking trays and formed a whole. That would have been OK, but not all the trays were properly greased, and it was all I could do to chip a few crumbs from one.

The next two classes had to make a basic vegetable stir fry. There was a reasonable choice of ingredients, but kids being kids, most wouldn't touch some of them, especially the mushrooms, so no one's finished product lookd anything like this:

One girl rejected hers, so rather than waste it, I forced myself to eat it with a little soy sauce. It was yummy.

The kids were great throughout, and I'm not even dreading doing more of the same tomorrow and Thursday.

I feel I've had a very lucky escape.


judith said...

I hate cooking too....

Anonymous said...

Oooh, cookery classes. I remember making fish pie. I took it home and put it down the toilet, which was about what it deserved!

I WISH I could cook, but I can't...

JoJo said...

I'm not a huge fan of cooking either but I find that I'm getting better at it over time. I like using recipes; making stuff up is hard for me.

Eliza said...

I used to cook a lot when the children were I find I can always think of other things to do :)

To be honest, with people in and out at different times, if I cooked for them I'd be forever at the stove..not thanks, Iceland fills in for me very well

Sandy said...

Diane, That fish pie makes me want to run to the toilet, Yuck! Doesn't sound good at all. Well, I have to do a lot of cooking,Don't know how good it is! No one has died of it yet, anyway. My grandson thinks its great, I guess that's all that matters anyway.

judith said...

Iceland Eliza? according to the latest reports there're food is full of horsemeat....

sixtwosue said...

That teriyaki stir fry sounds really good, regardless of the "presentation."

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