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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Icarus - Day 2

Hello, brown eyes.


Anonymous said...

*Still mourning the complete desecration of the curls*

JoJo said...

Diane if you are mourning the desecration of the curls, what do you think of his shaved head for this new role? I'm not loving it....gotta be honest....

Weathergirl said...

Oh those beautiful curls! I agree with you guys, I hope they grow back quickly!

Sandy said...

Well girls, probably not until the broadway show is over. I think it's just his whole goodlooking self that makes those curls so special.

anactingnurse said...

Wait! I've been so busy I have obviously missed so major news. Somebody please tell me what broadway show? What role? You know-ALL the details that a true fan would crave.

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