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Thursday, December 06, 2012


The gas man was late this morning, shortly before 8am, because of bad traffic. I thought no more about it till I was on my way out of the house just after 11am to drive to the pet store to stock up on heavy supplies. He told me there was an accident down on the main road, and the traffic was backed up. So I drove the other way along the street, only to meet with a row of cars that had got stck after using my road as a "short cut". I turned round and went back home.

By 1.30 I was sure it must be all cleared up, and left the hosue again, only to witness car after car whizz past me, obviously still trying to find a way out of the jam. I went back in. Luckily I am not in dire need of these supplies. But it feels really horrible to be imprisoned in your street for such a long time.

I hate to think how bad things must have been for the poor souls involved in the accident.


JoJo said...

I've been in my fair share of accident traffic and yeah it sucks. :( They are doing construction near my house and it involves closing both directions of the road and traffic is a horror show.

Eliza said...

Being a pedestrian, it's not a situation I come across very often...but I do see the traffic through Kidlington in the mornings...and one little hitch can slow it down to a standstill for hours

val said...

Auberge not as bad as the 200km+ tailback from Moscow to St Petersburg last week, but London has very severe problems at the best of times. The most I can find out is that a lorry was involved, and the road has had to be resurfaced. So, quart into a pint pot time.

val said...

Auberge? Can't even remember what the first word was, so impressed by the bonkers auto-correct!

Diane said...

I live between 2 motorway junctions (not literally!), so if there's an accident at one or other, which there frequently is, it's like being stuck in a scene from 'Wacky Races'. Amazes me that people still manage to hit each other on a perfectly straight 4-lane road, in broad daylight; but they do. As my driving instructor used to say 'It's not you you need to worry about, it's everyone else....'

vikeau said...

I feel your pain. I'm on sick leave and after 3 weeks of being in the house, I went out yesterday and over did it. Luckily today is a LOCI marthon day.

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