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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who "Owns" LOCI Pictures

There is a certain person who copies photos from Vincent blogs and publishes them on the Facebook page. Sometimes she does things to them first - including removing or overwriting watermarks. I'm getting pretty sick of it, especially since she now seems to be challenging the ownership of these photos. Maybe she thinks they just appear out of thin air. Well, I don't claim to own them to make money from them, like a certain Jeannette in her Attic on Ebay. They are really owned by NBC/Universal. Nevertheless we Vincent bloggers spend many hours producing stills from the programmes - and from Vincent's films. Typically it takes up to two hours to play-pause-capture, edit out the duff pictures, watermark them (so we can see when people like Jeannette is trying to make money selling them) and upload them to Photobucket (where I for one have so many pictures I have to pay the Pro fee). Initially, of course, I have to buy the DVDs. So the process is not cost-free. But it is a labour of love. Until some lazy little bint who can't be bothered to achieve the finished product by the sweat of her own brow nicks my hard work and acts like it's hers. No credit. No thanks. No, scrub that. I don't want your thanks. I just want you to do the hard work yourself and leave my stuff alone. (To those of you who save the pictures to enjoy them, I am only too glad to oblige.) So, Leann Gomes, Miss Lee, make your own originals, leave everyone else's alone (we're past my being satisfied with being credited with the originals. Just leave my pictures alone). Do you think the other Vixens would be happy with you if you annoyed me so much I shut my blog down? The only other way to go is comment moderation, and that means even more work for me, and I'm not prepared to do that. So Vixens, please join me is wishing this lazy, selfish person goodbye. Not sure who moderates the Facebook page, but perhaps you'd kick her off. I'm tired of getting emails with her stolen pictures in, so I'll probably leave it, too.


JoJo said...

Holy shit. I am going to email you Val.

Eliza said...

Ah Val..there isn't much I can say to that..I feel partly responsible because I've never really confronted her about them, or mine for that matter.I've been hopeless at telling people off ever since I had that run-in with Jeanette and got abusive e-mails in return..that upset me so much I've been a coward ever since :(

val said...

Eliza, why should you make yourself unhappy with confrontations? I love 'em!

judith said...

I once had a go at that Jeanette on a F/B page and I got told I left the page and blocked her so any pics. I did ever post she could'nt see them.
Any pics. I do post and they are from most of you Gals. I only leave up a day or two then I delete..anyone going through my F/B album won't take them long as there's only about 28 in there.
Years ago I foolishly bought a pic. from her on was crap ..printed on very poor paper. I gave her bad feedback and she threaten me so I retracked it but she did'nt take down the poor feedback she gave me...What a bitch..
If I do post a pic. I'll do my best for it not to be one of yours and I'm sorry if in the past I have used one of yours and it's upset you...That was never my intention.x

Sandy said...

I'm thinking this Jeanette was in the audience once when Vincent was being interviewed and had handcuffs with her, am I right???I don't even know how to put a picture on computer, I'm so dumb! Anyway, I feel sorry for those of you having problems with this lady..I"ve heard about this before.

val said...

Got it in one, Sandy.

Judith, post away, before I learnt how to do my own I had no idea people were making their own, and I borrowed them uncredited. Then I found my computer came with a programme that could do captures and I never looked back.

Cyberlink PowerDVD for anyone looking to have a go.

judith said...

Thank you Val....If I post I'll try and credit you...I must admit I'd got a bit lazy and stopped crediting the 'maker' of any pics. I posted. Slaps legs....
I find it hard work capping and George gets a bit cross with me doing it...I do more writing now and don't follow the blogs as much as I used too.
I've finished writing Bobby now (did two long stories and a number of shorts.) and am writing a story with my own characters in it..I've nearly finished it and am thinking of sending it to a puplisher..ok it'll be send straight back but I have to give it a go..I have been told by some of my readers it's worth watch this space as they say.x Delete this when you've read don't have to leave it on your blog.x

vikeau said...

Let me say I totally appreciate your work val and the work of the other VDO bloggers out there. I've said it once and I will say it again I feel incrediably lucky to have found some of the most generous, giving and dedicated folks. And I would love to meet all of you in person one of these days. That being said the time and effort you put into the caps that you choose to share with us, in my opinion makes the product of your labors your property. The very fact that you put a watermark identifying the work as yours is evidence enough of your ownership and your desire that the image that YOU "produced" will not be used in any inappropriate manner. The fact that there are people out there who dare to use other people's caps without crediting them is out and out criminal. So val and you other bloggers do not back down. Protect what is yours!!!Will now step off of my soap box.

Carrie Lynn said...

You tell her!!

mauigirl said...

I have been posting to Leanne's fb pix 'this pic is from Val's blog', or 'this pic is from Eliza's blog', and sometimes giving the links. But I haven't recently as I (stupidly) believed Leann was getting her own pix since I didn't see the watermarks.
Val and Eliza, email or message me if you see her taking your pix, I have NO problem calling her out on this. It's wonderful to share the V-Love, but certainly approprite to give credit where it's due.

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