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Friday, June 08, 2012

Fuck the world, I want to get off

Excited to receive my new Sat Nav this morning, I tried to download into it from the manufacturer's site. Now I have a fucked computer sitting at the menders because some hideous bastard thinks it's fun - and maybe profitable - to pretend that his invention is a police lock on your computer because of an illegal download. PC World is trying to get rid of an ultra elusive virus, but I might yet lose everything on there. Meanwhile my old laptops are terminally slow. I already tried twice to post about this on my blog, to no avail. It's nearly an hour since I switched the latest one on, and twenty minutes since I told it to shut down when I realised it was getting nowhere, and it's still not there. The iPad is all I have left.


JoJo said...

:( Hope it gets sorted quickly!

vikeau said...

One day we're gonna catch one of those "bastards" and I think in Singapore style everyone that has ever been infected by one of their viruses gets to take one whack. A really hard whack--I'm generally against violence but there are times when the frustration goes above and beyond.

Bildo said...

Here's how you fix all your infected computers;

Do a google search for "Open Source Live Rescue disk". Download one and reboot with it in your drive.I Like Kasperski's but there's lots others.

They all run antivirus software.

The trick is, since they boot into Linux, Windows processes never start and the bad things never start either so they get vacuumed.

You're welcome.

val said...

Wow! Why isn't that more widely known? My computer' at the store, where I imagine they are trying a version of this, but they weren't having much luck, as it was an elusive virus, but I'd much rather have tried this at home first.

Maybe I'll try it with my old computers to see if some viruses are slowing them down.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to save that piece of advice from Bildo for the NEXT time my computer catches something 'nasty', despite my efforts to be wary of where I go and what I download.

Thanks for the info - and good luck Val - you've given me pause for thought over the Sat Nav I was saving 'points' up for tho!

vikeau said...

Thanks Bildo, I'll try that next time I download an "upgrade" and have to wipe everything clean after doing so --(actually the IT guy at work does that for me).

Eliza said...

I hope PCWorld can help...

I really really really hate the malicious idiots that create viruses..they've wiped out 2 of our pc's, although Linux came to the rescue with a free operating system that got one of them up and running, just without anything left on it

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