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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy? Anniversary?

On June 3rd last year I bought a cabinet to house my cds and dvds. It didn't take long for me to notice that the shelves were sagging under the weight of the precise items it was built to hold. I inquired at the store and was told to request a spare set of shelves at the the customer services email address.

Here's a surprise - they don't have spare sets of shelves for flat-pack furniture. I've had to reduce the six shelves to just four so that I can double up some of the sagging ones. But for a proper solution I would have to return the cabinet to the store.

Well, here I am with carpal tunnel, a repaired shoulder and osteo-arthritis developing in my hands. I could barely put the thing together in the first place. Take it apart and lug it back to the store? I told them I couldn't do it. So they told me that was the solution. So I told them I couldn't do it. So they told me that was the solution. So I told them DON'T YOU EVER READ WHAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY SAY? I CAN'T DO IT!

Last November I wrote to their head office in an actual printed letter (with copies of all the emails) and paid real money for the paper, ink, postage (not forgetting my time) and they never replied.

Finally, last week, I'd had enough. I filled in their online form (again) and they told me...I had to take it back to the store!

I repeated the above sequence until they asked me to send them my letter, which I attached to an email.

Today they phoned me (what, so soon?) unable, sadly, to open the attachment. They can find no record of my letter. What a surprise! But they will refund me the cost of the cabinet if I send them either the receipt of a copy of the bank statement with the charge on it.

So here we go. The details they don't need to know will be blacked out.

Anyone think they "won't receive" this one?


JoJo said...

That's just crap. There is no such thing as customer service anymore. I just went thru a frustrating experience w/ my cable provider. I swear their technical support is in India or some other country b/c the grasp of English was not good.

Eliza said...

I hope this comes to a satisfactory conclusion..but knowing 'customer service' I have my doubts..good luck!

One of the best shelf units we've had, apart from the ones my grandad made, was £30 from might not be the prettiest, but it holds a lot and is pretty sturdy

vikeau said...

What letter, what cabinet? Miss, you are sadly mistaken our cabinets don't have sheleves. Unfortunately val you have embarked on a Kafka-like journey. However, if anyone can get a satisfactory resolution--its you.

bobbybegood1 said...

Val you don't have anyone that can help you in this situation. What a pity. What about your student? If you offer to pay him something for assisting you, he might or is that unethical? I know being a social worker we can't have dual relationships with clients. Cheers!!

val said...

BBG, my student can blink yes and no. That's it.

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