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Friday, March 02, 2012

A Smaller Bigger Picture

I've gone on at length recently about the Hockney exhibition. I've done my best to explain my fascination and enjoyment, but nothing could equal experiencing it for yourselves.

The closest I could get to this was pulling a clip from the latest TV programme. After copying it from my satellite TV box on to my DVD recorder's hard drive, then copying it on to DVD, the next route was to rip it from the DVD on to my computer.

Sadly, I never got round to putting my DVD ripping software on to this computer, so I decided it would be quicker to use an older laptop. WRONG!

It's so long since I used it, everything needed updating, and all the updates took forever. Meanwhile, the film, which was in widescreen at almost every stage, played on the computer, and ripped, as standard screen, which doesn't give the visuals their due.

Well, here is the best I could manage. It shows how intelligently Hockney talks about art - his own and art in general. He is articulate and eloquent, and what he says is truly eye-opening. I'm a complete convert.

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